Air Atomizing Nozzles


Laxmi Air Atomizing Nozzles

Laxmi Air Atomizing Nozzles are special two-substance nozzles utilized where expansive and high thick amounts of fluid and glues must be swung to fogs or fine atomized.

Very atomized splashes can be gotten at nearly low stream rates. Fluids can be encouraged under standards of gravity, suction or by weight. Air Atomizing Nozzles give a free entry to fluid and air whose stream can likewise be controlled permitting precise metering.

The mixing of Air Atomizing Nozzles takes place in Internal & External mixing way.

  • Substance Process Engineering
  • Tablet Coating.
  • Humidifying and Cooling.
  • Web Dampening.
  • Gas cooling.
  • Desluphurizig.
  • Brushing off of fluids.
  • Billet and Bloom Casters for higher steel grades.
  • Spray Coating Pan
  • Auto Coater

Atomizing Series

Air Atomizing (L150)

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