Laxmi Tank Cleaning Nozzles


Laxmi Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Laxmi Spraying Systems are leading manufacturer and suppliers of Tank Cleaning Nozzles in Mumbai. Tank Cleaning Nozzles are processed effectively and substantially more solid. This is protected cleaning practice and it requires less work and likewise cleaning media.

All turning Nozzle heads make the gadget appropriate for all mechanical cleaning application including tanks, reactors, vessels and different holders extending from 500 mm to 5 m.

  • To decrease Time and Manpower.
  • To anticipate Cross Contamination.
  • To control Microbiological Activity.
  • To anticipate Explosive Atmosphere.

All Tank Cleaning Series

Micro Whirly (L20)

Mini Spinner (L22)

Static Spray Ball (L27)

Mini Spinner (L28)

Static Rotating (L30)

Mini Spinner (L36)

Sani Spinner (L44)

Maxi Spinner (L54)

Teflon Whirly (L65)

Whirling Head (L67)

Whirling Head (L69)

Turbo Jet (L72)

Gyro (L77)

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